Decorate Your Dorm Bathroom

Jul 9

Decorate Your Dorm Bathroom

by: lmoore

How to Decorate a Dorm Bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom in your suite, there are a few things to remember:

  • White towels are gorgeous and look like you arrived straight from a luxurious hotel. They will look like this for about two hours until you get makeup all over them. Or really just look at them too hard.
  • Some days it takes an army of products to make yourself look your best. Does it mean you have to keep all of these products all over the counter? No. Organizational bins are cheap and SO GREAT.
  • Look up if you need to bring a shower curtain. Some schools include a lovely industrial white plastic one that functions fine but would look even better and if you hid it completely behind a stylish one.
  • Door hooks. The best decision I made all year.
  • Toilet bowl and shower/counter cleaner. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure a dirty bathroom is one of the seven deadly sins.
  • Floor mats. The easiest way to make a bathroom look better. Darker colors are always best.
  • Shower caddies are great for keeping 12 bottles of soap and shampoo off the floor of the shower to trip over. 
  • 12 bottles of perfume are unnecessary. As are 12 eye shadow pallets.  

Just be smart. You know what you need and how to stay organized.

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Photo credit (George Fox Seminary)