Awkward first day of class

Aug 27

Awkward first day of class

by: lmoore

The First Day of Class: Tips from an Awkward, Lost Freshman.


Being that I was born to try to board the wrong the plane and trip over nonexistent breaks in the concrete, it’s no surprise my first day of walking to class on a college campus went less than smoothly. Please learn from my mistakes.

I thought it would be a good idea to dress up in a super cute dark jeans and wear my hair down and these adorable new sandals but, oh yea, it was August in Alabama and it was 96 degrees and I’ve never walked so far in new shoes in my life and I looked as tragic as I felt. 

Being the dedicated student I was, I printed out my schedule weeks before classes began. Being the fool I was, I didn’t know that one of my classes had been switched to a different building. So that was awkward.

My stomach also does this really cute thing where it growls at the most quiet and inopportune times possible. But I only died from self-conscious embarrassment twice that day. 

Eating lunch alone for the first time was not great but only made worse by totally misunderstanding the woman at the sandwich bar and ending up with a tuna sandwich. I hate tuna. And I was obviously too intimidated to go back for another. I don’t think the intense frown on my face made me seem very approachable.

Even though I had walked my schedule the day before, I didn’t take into account that one class ended ten minutes before the next began and the next began on the other side of campus. The full-backpack on a distressed freshman shuffle across campus when I realized I was late was not my most graceful moment. 

Anyway, I survived my first day of class and if there’s one thing I learned: no one remembers how unfortunate anyone else is on the first day because they’re all too busy remembering how unfortunate they were. At least, I hope so.