The 5 ways to stay healthy in college

Nov 11

The 5 ways to stay healthy in college

by: lmoore

There are 5 easy ways to stay healthy in college.  

1. Eat right.   It can be a challenge if you're use to grabbing a quick fast food bite in between class; however it is an easy fix.  Eating right is a necessary to maintaining your body, studies also show that it helps your mental health too.  Instead of going for the sugary sweets go for salads and veggies.  According to health professionals, it is better to eat 5 small meals than 3 big ones.  At first I really struggled with finding time to eat in my busy schedule.  An easy way to do this is pack healthy granola bars in your backpack and keep fruit in your dorm room.


2. Exercise.  School is stressful and one of the greatest ways to take a break is working out.  It's the physical way to relieve stress.  Not only is it a great study break but one of my favorite ways to explore the city is get a buddy and go running.  See what your school has to offer for fitness.  Many schools have free gym memberships, work out classes and exercise clubs.  Find an option that works for you.


3. Sleep.  Possibly the hardest part of college is finding time to get a good night's rest.  Completing school work is imperative to success.  Make sure you give yourself enough sleep.


4. Relax.  Give yourself a break!  Getting caught up in academics, clubs, and the whirlwind that is college can grab your free time.  Leave time for yourself to breathe.


5. Enjoy yourself.  College is a great time of your life.  Enjoy it and all the opportunities it brings!